Church planting is often a demanding journey for those getting started. With all the unexpected trials one faces while planting, it can be vital for church planters to learn from those who have gone before and hear what worked — and what didn’t work — for them.

This week on the N.C. Baptists’ Podcast, join experienced church planters Mike Pittman, Antoine Lassiter and Barry Murry as they each share three things they would have done differently had they started the church planting process over again. 

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Podcast Highlights

  • “One of the things that we … learned in our church plant is that we had so much to learn about our context — that literally, after launch a couple years later, we’re going, ‘Oh, man, this is where we really need to be focused. This is who the people are that God’s called us to reach.’” (6:21)
  • “I was trying to isolate [my family] instead of insulating them with the Word of God and making sure they understood [that] the journey included the entire family.” (11:40)
  • “A reproducing church that isn’t reproducing at all levels will eventually tap out their greatest resource — and it’s not money. It’s people.” (20:33)
  • “I would tell every church planter that they need to care for [themselves] first. Their relationship with the Lord, their own physical relationship, and just their own health emotionally as well.” (22:17)
  • “I went fast, but not far, because I carried everything on my shoulders.” (23:19)

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