Amid the recent reports of revival and spiritual awakening spreading among Christian colleges across the nation, David Horton became hopeful that God would move in a similar way at Fruitland Baptist Bible College.

After all, Horton says he’s been praying for revival to come to the campus in western North Carolina since he became the school’s president 14 years ago in 2009. That’s in addition to praying for national revival since 1975.

The Lord answered Horton’s prayer last Thursday, Feb. 16, as Fruitland joined the ranks of Christian schools that are reportedly experiencing a move of God following a multiday revival at Asbury University in Wilmore, Ky., that began Feb. 8 and has spread to other campuses across the nation.

“Just seeing and hearing what God was doing at Asbury, I began to get hopeful as I heard of revivals breaking out on other campuses,” Horton said. “I didn’t really know that last week would be the week for us at Fruitland, but it happened.”

On Feb. 16, a regularly scheduled student-led chapel service at Fruitland lasted for more than three hours that Horton said was marked by Scripture reading, prayer, singing, testimonies and deep repentance and confession of sin. Many students bowed on their knees or face down before the Lord throughout Fruitland’s chapel, praying individually and in groups.

“Jesus was highly exalted in our midst as He displayed His glory,” Horton said.

Students remained in the chapel for prayer throughout Thursday afternoon and into the evening. Late Thursday night, a group of students felt led to walk around the campus seven times while prayer walking.

Students continued to meet in the chapel past midnight on Thursday and gathered again in the chapel early Friday morning for continued prayer. In a social media post on Friday, the school posted: “‘Revival Has Come To Fruitland!’ Students have continued to be with the Spirit in chapel throughout the day. God is moving on the mountain!”

Later Friday evening – a day when most Frutiland students leave campus to return home or to their places of ministry – a group went to downtown Asheville and Hendersonville to share the gospel.

“God has moved us through a process of repentance and brokenness to a place of mission and service,” Horton said. “I believe true revival results in greater ministry outside the church. So many of our students have said that if what is happening here in chapel stops at this place, we’ve failed God and we’ve not really had revival. It has to move to ministry and mission.”

Throughout the weekend, students who remained on campus continued to gather to pray in Fruitland’s prayer chapel.

Luke Dickson, a second-year Fruitland student from York, S.C., said he and other students began praying for God to move on campus following chapel on Tuesday, Feb. 14. They began praying about being in “one accord,” based on Acts 2.

“Since last week and sitting in chapel today (Feb. 21), there has been a new spirit around campus,” Dickson said. “There has been a true revival of lives across campus. We’re just praying that God would continue to do that.”

Horton said he has sensed for some time that God was moving among Fruitland’s student body, and the school has been on the cusp of revival for some time.

“I have said to some people that the wood is on the altar, and we’re just waiting on God to send the fire,” Horton said. “Last Thursday morning God sent the fire.”

Horton said he expects God to continue to move at Fruitland and beyond.

“It’s under God’s control, but we’re going to keep wood on the altar and keep fanning the flames and see what God does,” Horton said.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was originally published by the Biblical Recorder. Used with permission.