365 Empowerment Project is a yearlong journey of in-depth spiritual discipline. Your year (365 days) includes the memorization of Bible verses, reading through the Bible five times and spending one hour in prayer each day.

  1. Watch daily video
    Watch the daily video here, and subscribe to the “21c Moses” Youtube channel. Videos are at 7 a.m. each day and include your verse for memorization, as well as a link to a video for that day’s reading.
  2. Memorize daily verse
    The Bible verses are broken into three major parts: 119 on foundational doctrine (People of the Book); 119 on spiritual leadership & servanthood (Servant of God); and 127 on walking with God (Walking with God).
  3. Read daily chapters
    Follow the link at the end of each video to another short video with the daily Bible reading called “70 Days Journey to the Bible.”
  4. Pray
    After you watch the videos and read the daily chapters, take about an hour to pray as you meditate on the words you read and the verse you memorized.