Spiritual Leadership Equipping Tracks help individuals discover and develop the essential qualifications and characteristics of an effective spiritual leader.

These tracks provide a biblical and balanced framework to develop spiritual leaders in four areas — character, capacity, context and competence. Following is a list and description of equipping tracks in each area. Click here for the current offerings.


Lead Like Jesus
Follow Jesus. This simple command is the basis for leadership. This track emphasizes developing into a leader based on Jesus’ model.
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Leadership Greatness
There are common themes and characteristics in great leaders. Learn the leadership traits that great leaders consistently reflect.
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The Nuts and Bolts of Deacon Ministry
Deacons are pivotal to a church’s health. This track explores spiritual qualifications of leaders and practical duties of ministry. Tools are provided to evaluate one’s spiritual well-being and spiritual gifts.
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Emotionally Healthy Leaders
You can’t be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature. This track helps you discover who you are as a leader, how you interact with others and how to develop other healthy leaders.
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Leadership – 3 in 1 profile
This training helps discover how God has uniquely created them to accomplish His purpose in His kingdom. Discover how calling, spiritual gifts and personality traits all work together.
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Prescription for Life
How can we make the most of our years in ministry? This session explores how pastors and church leaders can serve God longer and be more active in serving Him by taking care of their health.
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The Secret of Teams
Are you achieving your goals in ministry? This track explores effectiveness in team leadership and how to deal with the challenges of implementing changes in a ministry team setting.
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Chess not Checkers
This track explores the decision-making processes and how one can think and plan more strategically. Learn how to lead your team through struggle for long-term, sustained health.
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Six Stages of Cultural Mastery
The gospel reaches across cultural divides. Learn how to develop meaningful relationships with those from different backgrounds in order to love, reach and disciple people for Christ.
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How do we resolve conflict in a biblical manner? Learn practical approaches to understanding different types of conflicts and how to apply scriptural principles to facilitate peace in various contexts.
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Conflict Coaching and Mediation
Develop the tools necessary to effectively resolve conflicts and strive for reconciliation. Coaching and mediation both facilitate this process and are useful when bringing various people into a harmonious environment with one another.
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Strategic Planning that Works
This track unpacks the biblical tools needed to effectively resolve conflict and mitigate disputes in a way that glorifies God. Reconciliation focuses on what we should do (law) and on what God has done and is doing for those who trust in Him (gospel).
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