The role of church fostering in revitalization

Guest: Sam Rainer

September 21, 2021

The “RevitalizeNC” podcast is hosted by Terry Long, senior consultant for church revitalization with the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. Each episode includes an interview with a leading expert in the field of church revitalization to offer help, hope and encouragement to pastors and ministry leaders.

This third episode that came out yesterday (Sept. 20) features Sam Rainer, president of Church Answers, the co-founder and co-owner of Rainer Publishing, and the president of Revitalize Network, discussing the role of church fostering in revitalization.


Here is an excerpt from this podcast:

Sam Rainer: “So, the whole idea of fostering a church came about through our foster system experience, and it’s connected to revitalization. Revitalization is the process where a church seeks to get healthier using its own internal resources of people, funds and processes. When you’re revitalizing a church, hopefully you move outward, because that’s the movement of the gospel, but it’s an internal thing in that you’ve got your own resources, your own people. Adoption, if you’re talking about the term adoption when you’re under the umbrella of revitalization, that’s where a healthier church is going to merge…”

“Fostering though is the process where a relatively healthy church is going to provide people and resources to a relatively unhealthy church for a specific period of time. So in the same way that I’m going to care for a child, I’m going to do this for a season, while you get your life back … when you get your life in order, you get your child back. Well, fostering in the church works similarly, because we’re going to temporarily send them your way, people and resources, to help you out for six months to a year, that’s kind of the general time frame. And, we’re going to get you to a healthier place. We’re not adopting you, we’re not bringing you into our family, we’re fostering you for a season, so that you can get back to that healthier spot. While all of these terms — revitalization, adoption, fostering — they’re all connected, they are different things.”

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