Breakout Session Recordings

Building a Sending Culture That Impacts the Nations – Jonathan Yarboro, Jon T.

How does your church cultivate in people a heart for the nations? When people respond with a desire to go, what steps does your church help them take next? How does your church prepare potential missionaries to go to the nations? Mercy Hill Church has sent dozens of people to the nations long term, and they prepare missionaries long before conversations with the IMB ever start. In this breakout session, Mercy Hill Church will open up their playbook to help other churches become great sending churches with a heart for the nations.

Church Fostering and Replanting: Real Stories – Daniel Savage, Aaron Wallace

This breakout will help you to better understand a healthy process for working together in a fostering journey. Hear perspectives from members of the original church as well as from new members coming from partnering churches. We will help churches know what help is available through N.C. Baptists, what are reasonable expectations and how you best convey your intentions as a partnering church.

Developing Young Leaders: Simple Discipleship Shaped by the Gospel – Aaron Swain

This breakout session will focus on simple, gospel-centered tips for developing young leaders that can be utilized by regular people in any church context. Attention will be given to how the gospel prepares the disciple-maker, affects how one identifies potential leaders, informs various discipleship pathways and creates a culture of multiplication.

Promoting ServeNC in Your Church – Kathryn Carson, Whitney Goulding, Daniel Spivey, Liz Tablazon

Join members of the N.C. Baptists’ Marketing and Communications group to learn how you can promote ServeNC in your church. This training will show you how to utilize ServeNC promotional graphic templates and get the most out of tools like social media.

Manteniendo la Fe Cuando la Vida es Difícil – Sandra Acevedo Duarte

NOTA: Sesión en español. Esposas de pastores hispanos en Carolina del Norte enfrentando la adversidad. El propósito de la sesión es aprender a cómo enfrentar las adversidades en las vidas de las esposas de pastores. Se explorarán sus desafíos únicos y se compartirán experiencias y consejos para afrontar las dificultades desde una perspectiva bíblica.

Leave a Great Commission Legacy — For Heaven’s Sake! – Clay Warf

For Christians, our greatest act of Christian stewardship should be our estate plan. It’s all going somewhere, yet Christians die every day without ever giving a thought to leaving a portion of God’s blessings to support kingdom work. We have the opportunity to impact kingdom causes beyond our lifetime on earth, but we must have a plan. 

Mobilizing the Local Church to Make Abortion Unnecessary – Allison Herrington

Explore ways to disciple believers by serving women and families facing unplanned pregnancies in partnership with your local pregnancy resource center. Understand not only how to partner in the mission with your local center, but also the transformational impact on your church members stepping off the sidelines to the front line of the pro-life movement.

Redemptive Investing for Churches and Ministries – Harry Nelson

Church interest in stewardship has largely focused only on spending wisely and giving. However, Scripture has much to say about investing and the use of capital by Christian organizations and individuals, whether the amount is large or small. Come hear a practical discussion of a theology of stewardship as it applies to investing for you, your church and Christian ministries.

Filling the Pulpit: Raising Up Preachers Inside Your Church – David Horton, Scott Thompson

How do we fill the pulpits of the approximately 400 N.C. Baptist churches that are without pastors? The answer may be found in the current membership of healthy, mission-minded congregations.

Finishing Well: Prioritizing Pastoral Health for Effective Ministry – Sandy Marks

In this session we will dive into the crucial topic of “Prioritizing Pastoral Health for Effective Ministry.” Through thoughtful discussion and practical insights, you will gain tools to enhance your self-care practices, prevent burnout and foster long-term effectiveness in your pastoral ministry.

How to Become a Sending Church – Barry Murry, Josh Wredberg, Adam Darnell

Churches plant churches. In this breakout, hear from the leaders at Redeemer Church in Fuquay-Varina as they share how they became a church-planting church and how your church can strategize to become a sending church.

National and International Mission Trips – Richard Brunson

As N.C. Baptists, your church has many opportunities to be involved in mission projects in our state, across our nation and around the world. This breakout session will cover various national and international trips that your church can be involved in.

The Impact of Adoption in the Local Church – Kevin Qualls

As Christ-followers, we have all been adopted by God as His children. Learn ways your church can be blessed and be a blessing to others through the power of adoption by living out James 1:27. See how your congregation can experience firsthand the impact on families, birth moms and vulnerable children through adoption.

Engaging Your Congregation in Transformational Worship – Kenny Lamm

Our times of gathered worship are perhaps the greatest opportunity for discipleship in the church. What can we do to plan and prepare our worship services to experience the greatest life transformation?

Worship Tech – Michael Compton, Jesse Thompson

In this session, we will cover topics such as volunteer training, keeping technology from getting in the way of worship, learning how to mix a live band and create “sweet spots,” the importance of acoustics on your sound system, why you shouldn’t limit your recruiting to the youth ministry, why it’s important to love music as an audio engineer and more.

Next Gen Leaders Panel: School Ministry – Daniel Rose, Chris Hargrove, Seth Morris

Too often we think ministry to students only happens inside the walls of the church. Hear how churches are living on mission through serving local schools and reaching lost students.

Church Revitalization Overview – Michael Barrett, Mark Gray, Jonathan Blaylock

Church revitalization has become a catch-all term used to describe the needs of churches at multiple stages of the life cycle. This session will provide an overview of the different approaches to revitalization and will feature a practical assessment for your church.

Emotional Barriers to Leading Church Change – Ben McRoy

Leading change in churches is often met with resistance or opposition. However difficult leading change may be, it is often necessary for the church to experience renewal and revitalization. This breakout will examine the emotional reasons behind resistance to change and equip pastors and church leaders with practical ways of addressing these emotional barriers to change.

Calling Out the Called – Scott Pace

As we pray for God to raise up the next generation of ministry leaders, we will explore ways that we can equip students to scripturally and spiritually discern their calling while providing the necessary guidance they need to faithfully fulfill God’s purpose for their lives.

Women in Leadership: On Mission Together – Ashley Reffit

As N.C. Baptist women, we’re faithfully living out God’s call to serve Him, on mission together. In this breakout, we will address some of the challenges we face as women serving in ministry, as well as encourage one another to lead and serve on mission together.

Mobilization to the Nations – Sarah Farley-Beall

Come and learn how creating a sending culture can mobilize your entire church and cause it to multiply. We will talk about barriers across the different generations and how to overcome them.

Every Child Initiative – Mark E. Smith

In North Carolina there are over 16,000 children who have been taken out of their homes and placed in foster care. “Every Child” is a collaborative effort of Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina and N.C. Baptists to address this crisis and show the world that “the church is the answer.” Join Mark E. Smith, with Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH), as he shines light on this great opportunity your church has to address this critical need. Learn how your church can partner with BCH and help families live out the gospel in the lives of these vulnerable children.