Breakout Session Recordings

Three Things Every Church Leader Needs to Know About Generosity & Stewardship – Derric Bakker, Kurt Appel

Did you know that 16 of the 38 parables Jesus told were about money and possessions? The Bible has about 500 verses that refer to prayer, another 500 about faith, but more than 2,000 verses about money and possessions. Amazingly, the Bible has more to say on this topic than almost any other. Why? Because stewardship is not about money – it is about discipleship. Unfortunately, generosity does not come naturally to most people, and we tend to avoid talking about it in church. Giving is the lifeblood of ministry, however, and to meet your ministry goals, it is vital to foster a culture of generosity in your church. In this session, we will review some things you can do to bridge this divide. By learning how to become better at preaching and teaching on stewardship and generosity you will not only grow giving to your church, you will also help people grow closer to God, experience increased spiritual vitality and unleash resources for the kingdom.

Revitalizing Rural/Normative Size Churches – Jeff Blackburn, Jeff Taylor, Zach Brown, Jason Marlowe

Nine out of 10 churches are struggling across the state. Some of these churches need to clarify their focus on outreach, while others need to make tough decisions for the future. Leading these changes is always difficult, but the rural/normative church context across North Carolina adds another layer of challenges. Hear real stories and best practices from church leaders that are helping revitalize struggling churches in their area.

Transitional Interim Pastor Training – Allan Blume

When a pastor resigns from a church, significant changes are set in motion that introduce unforeseen transition and potential transformation. A church needs an interim pastor with the skills and tools to assist them as they cope with feelings of loss and navigate uncharted waters. The first goal of this breakout is to help potential interim pastors understand the training process to become a certified transitional interim pastor. Second, we want to help church leaders understand the value of using a transitional interim pastor at this significant point in the church’s history.

Making the EVERY CHILD Initiative Part of Your Missions Strategy – John Cashwell, Kyler Smith, Casey Norkett, Andrew Hopper

Join a panel discussion hosted by Mark Smith, foster and adoption church liaison with the Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina, as statewide church leaders share how the EVERY CHILD initiative has impacted their respective church’s missions strategies.

Redeeming Sexuality: Caring for Those With Sexuality Struggles – Tate Cockrell

Currently we are in a period of redefinition regarding sexuality. These redefinitions have been slowly bubbling to the surface over the last 50 years since the sexual revolution. In this workshop, we will discuss three important issues: 1. How does our worldview impact our understanding of gender identity? 2. What does the Bible say about gender identity? 3. How do we minister to those with gender identity struggles?

Impacting a Global City With the Gospel: Phoenix – Sterling Edwards, Dennis Conner

With a population of 4.6 million people, Phoenix is the 11th largest metropolitan area in the United States. Here’s the challenge to the church: over 4 million people in Phoenix do not have a personal relationship with Christ. Currently, only one Southern Baptist Convention church exists for every 20,000 residents. Learn how your church can partner with church planters in Phoenix to engage this strategic city with the gospel for disciple-making. 

Social Media Marketing: Building With the Basics – Daniel Spivey

Are you interested in building your church social media platform with minimal resources? Come gather the tools to use in your social media toolbox to establish and strengthen your pages. Attendees will receive need-to-know tips and strategies in order to gain followers and increase engagement.

Church Renewal Journey: Awakening and Bringing God’s Family Back Together – Bob Foy

John 17:22-23 says, “I have given them the glory you gave me, so they may be one as we are one, I in them and you in me, so that they may be brought into complete unity. Then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them even as you love me.” Explore what brings the church congregation together as one family, as Christ intended, especially after years of dealing with COVID-19.

Understanding the Traumatic Effects of Abuse: Pastoral Implications – Brad Hambrick

We may be prone to think that “traumatic” is the new epitome adjective that means “really bad.” Trauma is more than the trendy way to say awful, gruesome or abhorrent. In this breakout we’ll provide an overview of the impact of trauma with an eye to pastoral care implications. This session won’t make you a trauma counselor. It will help you be a better pastor or ministry leader for those who have experienced domestic violence, sexual abuse and other traumatic experiences.

Go2: A Panel Discussion on the Role of the Church in Sending College Students – Alex Hugo

Hear from N.C. Baptists who have participated in Go2 initiatives after graduation. Learn about the impact of their churches in spiritual formation and call to go, and discover strategies your church can implement to help students be on mission together after graduation.

How to Help Your Church Become a Church-Planting Church – Antoine Lassiter, Aaron Wallace

The sending church is a vital part of preparing, strengthening and sending a new church. In this session we will share how churches that haven’t planted can develop a sending church culture.

Safety and Security in Your Children’s and Youth Ministry – Cheryl Markland

Parents today look for obvious signs that your church has protection plans and protocols in place. While your church is “on mission together,” protecting children from the possibility of abuse should be a priority. Learn five foundational steps your church can take to demonstrate that the protection of children is a priority of your church.

Leading Well: Helping Pastors Find Joy and Effectiveness in Their Calling – Sandy Marks

As a pastor, it’s easy to lose our joy and effectiveness in ministry. In this session we will discover the keys to maintaining or recapturing our joy and effectiveness as we live out our calling. This lifelong journey begins with becoming a spiritually and emotionally healthy disciple.

Engaging Your Community with the Gospel: North Carolina – Barry Murry, Todd Brady, Aaron Smith

Hear from pastors and a Great Commission catalyst about how your church can develop an effective strategy for engaging your N.C. community with the gospel. Learn about methods, tools and resources to meet the needs of hurting people while effectively sharing the love and message of Christ.

Hiring Well – Bradley Norris

In this moment in our culture, it is imperative we enhance our screening processes for church staff positions to seek to reduce instances of sexual misconduct. We will explore current enhancements all churches can make to seek to hire well for the safety and flourishing of our churches.

Foundations of Trauma Care – Denise O’Donoghue

We will explore the basics of caring for a woman in crisis. We will consider how best to minister to her needs in the early interactions as the trauma comes to light.

The College Question: How Do I Choose a College? – Scott Pace, David Horton

Test scores, favorite teams, social life and location often determine a student’s plans after graduation, but is there a better way to discern if, when and where you should go to college? This session will focus on how families should think about college education, how to choose the right school for them, and how their faith can be strengthened and leveraged while they’re in college.

Biblical Womanhood: On Mission Together – Ashley Reffit

Practical applications of living out our faith as women.

Church Fostering: Churches Revitalizing Churches – Daniel Savage, Ben McRoy

Churches are struggling across the state. Many of these churches are in need of substantial resources to revitalize. Church fostering is for churches on a severe decline that no longer have essential resources for revitalization but want to retain church autonomy. Hear real stories and best practices from church leaders that are helping revitalize struggling churches in their area through church fostering.

Navigating the Changing Culture and How to Protect Your Ministry – Harrison Smith

As a Christian ministry, how do you address the changing cultural views on issues such as sexuality, marriage and gender identity? How can your ministry love and serve everyone while not giving into the shifting morality of the day? How can you be proactive and prepare without becoming a lightning rod in the media and the courts? This seminar will explore the recent cultural and legal challenges the church currently faces, so that you can be a good steward of your ministry, understand how to navigate these challenges, and know how to keep the doors open for the gospel for future generations.

Standing for Life in North Carolina: The Pro-life Landscape in the Dobbs Era – Chelsea Sobolik

Breakout Description

Biblical Womanhood – Amy Whitfield

Theology, foundations and faith that grounds us as women.