Many churches in our world today are in deep need of revitalization. In order to lead your church in revitalization, there are some basic principles you must follow.

Here are 10 principles for a revitalizer:

  1. Be humble.
    You must swallow your pride, humble yourself and love even when others aren’t loving. The Lord will fight battles for you when you are humble.
  2. Love.
    You need to love the people where they are to have any hope in leading them where they need to be. They will follow your heart behind your leading, not your words. Additionally, people are not projects or your own personal workforce. They are God’s adopted sons and daughters — His church and plan A for the mode of redemption for a lost and dying world.
  3. Be clear, consistent and patient.
    When it comes to the vision and values of your church, don’t be afraid to repeat, repeat and repeat again. It’s been said that when people are tired of hearing it, they are just starting to get it. Additionally, implement and adhere to values for the rough days and seasons. This will help for the times you falter as well.
  4. Preach the word exegetically.
    It is the Word of God that causes growth, unity and mission in the people of God. The man of God must clearly and responsibly present it.
  5. Start investing in a small group.
    You cannot change the entire church overnight. But you can invest in a few who will in time multiply. Additionally, you cannot ask a church to do something you are not doing yourself.
  6. Pray deeply.
    Ask God to work the gospel in your heart and theirs. It is only by the Spirit of God that lives are changed. And change begins with prayer.
  7. Spend time with Jesus and your family.
    This is a non-negotiable. If you have to, schedule this time. Then, be present. Set aside your phone and email (If possible — and it usually is).
  8. Seek out a mentor.
    Everyone needs a strong advocate to lean on for investment, wisdom and venting, including leaders. Be humble and ask God to bring that person into your life.
  9. Have the courage to lead.
    There will be times when everything else comes down to a moment. You will either step up out of conviction or you won’t. Be God’s man. Do it respectfully and in love.
  10. Do biblical church discipline.
    When believers live like the unsaved, they do not reflect the power and message of the gospel. Therefore, when a church allows a believer to live in unrepentant sin and does nothing, it gives the enemy solid ground to attack and destroy Christ’s message of salvation in their lives and to a lost and dying world.