In the article and video below, hear directly from Black church planters and their heart to reach their communities. Take time to pray for these planters across North Carolina using these four prayer requests.

During Black History Month, N.C. Baptists want to celebrate the particular contributions African American brothers and sisters are making across the state and beyond as they live on mission for the sake of the gospel.

Over the past several years, God has been raising up Black church planters who are partnering with ministries such as SendNC to multiply disciples and reach the lost. Their efforts to reach Black communities with the gospel is bearing fruit as people across the state turn from lostness, accept Jesus as Lord and become followers of Him.

In the video above, hear directly from N.C. Baptist church planters as they share their heart for reaching Black communities. Consider downloading this video and sharing with your friends, family and fellow church members to celebrate their work and remind people of the need to engage these communities on mission together.

In the meantime, consider these four ways you can pray for African American church planters as they reach North Carolina with the gospel.

  1. Pray for the mission.

African American church planters strive to balance delivering the gospel while answering the material needs present in their local communities. Sometimes, this balancing work can present a challenge to church planters as they seek to put the mission first. Pray that these church planters will have their hearts and minds focused on the mission above all while they meet the material needs of their communities. 

  1. Pray for resources.

As is the case with many church planters, African American church planters are sometimes under-resourced as they live on mission. While ministries such as SendNC provide invaluable support for these planters, much is still needed to keep the work running. Pray that African American church planters will find the connections, support and resources they need to meet the particular needs of their context.

  1. Pray against isolation. 

Church planting is difficult work. For many, the experience of planting a church can often feel isolating, and African American church planters are not immune to this issue. Pray that these church planters will be surrounded by loving communities that point them to the gospel.

  1. Pray for hope.

Most importantly, pray that Black church planters across North Carolina and beyond will feel the hope of the gospel in their day-to-day ministries. Pray that, whether facing setback or success, these planters will know the “peace which surpasses all understanding” as they pursue the calling of the Great Commission within their local communities.