As churches begin preparing for ServeNC on Aug. 3-10, here are six tips to help you recruit volunteers to make an impact in the community.

ServeNC is an opportunity for every church in North Carolina to serve every community in North Carolina. Throughout the beginning of August, hundreds of N.C. Baptist churches across the state will come together to show the love of Jesus to their neighbors.

As your church begins the process of planning your ServeNC project, remember that numerous resources and project ideas are available by visiting Any church that has not yet committed to ServeNC can do so by filling out this form.

For many churches, ServeNC projects will require extra volunteers to do the work of serving and ministering to the community. As you begin to recruit volunteers to serve your community in meaningful ways, here are six helpful tips to consider:

1. Begin and end with prayer. 

Prayer is our first and primary strategy in reaching the world for Christ. We can accomplish many tasks through ServeNC, but our tasks will ultimately be of little value if we do not pray. Consider using this sermon outline and 7 ways to pray resource as ServeNC approaches.

2. Express the “why” behind serving. 

Consider what you’re calling volunteers to do. Clearly communicate the biblical calling to serve and love our neighbors as you begin the process of volunteer recruitment.

3. Match volunteers with needs. 

Encourage anyone in your church to participate – your kids, youth, Sunday School groups – whoever is willing and able to serve! Provide options and choices that everyone can participate in. Match volunteers based on their gifts, skills and interests. 

4. Invite them to join a team. 

Let volunteers know how they fit into the bigger picture and the importance of their role to the team. Order your volunteers an official ServeNC T-shirt as a way to remind everyone of your commitment and unity in the mission. 

5. Recruit current volunteers. 

Who is already serving in your church? Encourage your choir, student ministry, nursery volunteers, etc. to join a ServeNC team. 

6. Celebrate those who serve. 

1 Thessalonians 5:12 reminds us to respect those who serve and show them a very special love because of the work they do. Consider celebrating them on Celebration Sunday. Learn more in the playbook.