This year’s sessions will cover women’s discipleship, college ministry, missions mobilization opportunities, preventing and responding to sexual abuse, church planting, foster care and adoption, social media and more. 

North Carolina Baptists will gather for the 2022 Annual Meeting on Nov. 7-8 at the Koury Convention Center in Greensboro. There will be numerous options for breakout sessions, which messengers and visitors can attend to receive further resources and equipping on a variety of topics.

This year’s sessions will cover women’s discipleship, college ministry, missions mobilization opportunities, preventing and responding to sexual abuse, church planting, foster care and adoption, social media and more. 

An abbreviated preview of this year’s breakout sessions is below:

Articles & Bylaws Q&A

A discussion of proposed changes to the convention articles and bylaws which will be voted on during the annual meeting.

Biblical Womanhood

Theology, foundations and faith that grounds us as women.

Biblical Womanhood: On Mission Together

Practical applications of living out our faith as women.

Church Fostering: Churches Revitalizing Churches

Hear real stories and best practices from leaders who are helping revitalize struggling churches in their area through church fostering. 

Church Renewal Journey: Awakening and Bringing God’s Family Back Together

After years of dealing with COVID-19, explore what brings the church congregation together as one family, as Christ intended — especially after years of dealing with COVID-19.

The College Question (or How Do I Choose a College?) 

Is there a better way to discern if, when and where you should go to college? This session will focus on how families should think about college education and how their faith can be strengthened and leveraged while they’re in college.

Corporate Prayer: The Heartwork of Being On Mission Together

This breakout will explore and discuss the principles and practices of corporate prayer that unite the hearts of the people of God around the work of God.

Engaging Your Community with the Gospel: North Carolina

How can your church develop an effective strategy for engaging your N.C. community with the gospel? 

Engaging the Nations With the Gospel: Southeast Asia

How can your church impact one of the 30 unreached people groups in the Philippines with the gospel of Christ? Create partnerships to plan and implement a vision trip to the Philippines as your church partners to share Christ with 5.5 million lost people.

Foundations of Trauma Care

We will explore the basics of caring for a woman in crisis. We will consider how best to minister to her needs in the early interactions as the trauma comes to light.

Go2: A Panel Discussion on the Role of the Church in Sending College Students

Learn about the impact of college students’ churches in spiritual formation and call to go, and discover strategies your church can implement to help students be on mission together after graduation.

Hiring Well

It is imperative we enhance our screening processes for church staff positions to seek to reduce instances of sexual misconduct. We will explore current enhancements all churches can make to hire well for the safety and flourishing of our churches.

How to Create an ‘On Mission’ Church Through Involvement in Local and State Missions

How can your church become an “on mission church” that is developing “on mission” church members?

How to Help Your Church Become a Church-Planting Church 

The sending church is a vital part of preparing, strengthening and sending a new church. Learn how churches that haven’t planted can develop a sending church culture.

Impacting a Global City With the Gospel: Phoenix

Phoenix is the 11th largest metropolitan area in the United States. More than 4 million people in Phoenix do not have a personal relationship with Christ. How can you partner with church planters in Phoenix to engage this city with the gospel?

Leading Well: Helping Pastors Find Joy and Effectiveness in Their Calling

As a pastor, it’s easy to lose our joy and effectiveness in ministry. Discover the keys to maintaining or recapturing our joy and effectiveness as we live out our calling. 

Making the EVERY CHILD Initiative Part of Your Missions Strategy

Join a panel discussion hosted by Mark Smith, foster and adoption church liaison with the Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina, as statewide church leaders share how the EVERY CHILD initiative has impacted their respective church’s missions strategies. 

Navigating the Changing Culture and How to Protect Your Ministry

How do you address the changing cultural views on sexuality, marriage and gender identity? Explore the recent cultural and legal challenges the church currently faces, so that you can be a good steward of your ministry, understand how to navigate these challenges and know how to keep the doors open for the gospel for future generations.

On Mission Together Across Our State and Around the World

Learn about how your church can be involved in missions through the mobile dental/health screening ministry, mission camps, the Florence rebuild centers, national and international partnerships and more.

The Painful Side of Leadership

This session will encourage and equip Christian leaders with biblical insights to better manage painful ministry circumstances, relationships and choices.

Redeeming Sexuality: Caring for Those With Sexuality Struggles

How does our worldview impact our understanding of gender identity? What does the Bible say about gender identity? How do we minister to those with gender identity struggles?

Revitalizing Rural/Normative Size Churches

Nine out of 10 churches are struggling across the state. Leading these changes is always difficult, but the rural/normative church context across North Carolina adds another layer of challenges. Hear real stories and best practices from church leaders that are helping revitalize struggling churches in their area. 

Safety and Security in Your Children’s and Youth Ministry

Protecting children from the possibility of abuse should be a priority. Learn five foundational steps your church can take to demonstrate that the protection of children is a priority of your church.

SendNC: On Mission Together

The idea that we are better together isn’t just a flippant phrase, but an ideal that we wholeheartedly believe. Explore how the new agreement between N.C. Baptists and the Send Network will strengthen and support sending churches and church planting in North Carolina. 

Social Media Marketing: Building With the Basics

Gather the tools to use in your social media toolbox to establish and strengthen your pages. Attendees will receive need-to-know tips and strategies in order to gain followers and increase engagement.

Standing for Life in North Carolina: The Pro-life Landscape in the Dobbs Era

A brief history of when Roe was overturned, the current legislative state of play in North Carolina, and ways churches can serve vulnerable women, children and families.

Three Things Every Church Leader Needs to Know About Generosity & Stewardship

Giving is the lifeblood of ministry. By learning how to become better at preaching and teaching on stewardship and generosity you will not only grow giving, you will also help people grow closer to God.

Transitional Interim Pastor Training

Help potential interim pastors understand the training process to become a certified transitional interim pastor. We want to help church leaders understand the value of using a transitional interim pastor at this significant point in the church’s history.

Understanding the Traumatic Effects of Abuse: Pastoral Implications

Trauma is more than the trendy way to say awful, gruesome or abhorrent. This session won’t make you a trauma counselor. It will help you be a better pastor or ministry leader for those who have experienced domestic violence, sexual abuse and other traumatic experiences. 

For more information, visit Sessions will be led and facilitated by N.C. Baptist staff, as well as leaders from around the state and other Great Commission partners. Messengers and guests will have three opportunities to attend a breakout session: Monday, Nov. 7 at 3:30 p.m. and Tuesday, Nov. 8 at 11 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.