In partnership with the Ukraine Baptist Union and Ukraine Baptist Theological Seminary, Baptists on Mission (BOM) has purchased more than 40 tons of flour and other supplies to feed internally displaced refugees taking shelter in Baptist churches across Ukraine.

Richard Brunson, BOM executive director-treasurer, said a German ministry partner buys the ingredients and works with local bakeries to prepare meals. For millions of Ukrainians forced from their homes and without power, a loaf of bread, jar of sausage paste and baked goods provide a desperately needed meal.

Meals are distributed to different Baptist churches throughout Ukraine.

“Ukraine Baptist Union has 2,500 churches across the country. Many of these churches are being used to house people from their communities,” Brunson said.

A contribution of $2 feeds one person for a day. A $20 gift can feed a refugee for 10 days. All donations go directly toward obtaining food and supplies and distributing them to those in need through local churches across Ukraine.

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