Who doesn’t love to celebrate? We’re wired to celebrate the people we love, the things we’re passionate about, the things that resonate with our heart and soul. We are this way because our Creator wired us for community — first with Him and then with others.

Biblical community starts with our Creator. In the quiet we seek Him, His Word, His will and His ways. As we do so, He shapes our hearts for those around us and sends us out on mission. He doesn’t send us alone. He equips us through the church, which He designed to work together for the sake of the gospel, as we use our gifts and abilities to point others to Him.

He also sends us out to recognize His work in the lives of those in our circles of influence. With International Women’s Day on March 8, this month offers a timely opportunity to link arms with our sisters in Christ.

You are a woman of influence. God created you for a purpose and designed you for His glory.

How do we celebrate the women in our churches, homes and communities? We honor the work God is doing in and through their lives as they faithfully serve where He sends them. We live intentionally with those around us, we see the value of biblical community, and we catalyze those closest to us to multiply the work of God in us. Worship together, pray together, rejoice together and keep each other accountable.

You are a woman of influence. God created you for a purpose and designed you for His glory. He wants to use you to multiply His message, and He will equip you for it. Who has He put in your life to disciple? Who disciples you? Where has He burdened your heart for the work He is already doing in and around you? Living in biblical community is an act of obedience, and celebrating those around us honors God’s redemptive work in the body of Christ.

Look for everyday moments to disciple others in the daily rhythms of your life. Pour into those in your home, your neighborhood, your job, your family, your church and your community.

Multiplication starts small, but it brings exponential growth. Find your influence in the unique opportunities God has given, and use it for eternity. Allow the power of the Holy Spirit to lead your words and your ways as you serve.

Encourage women to fight the good fight, finish the race and keep the faith. Link arms with your sisters in Christ as you live intentionally on mission together.

by Ashley Reffit  /  Women’s Discipleship  /  Baptist State Convention of North Carolina