Dental ministry provides gospel opportunities

Your gifts to the North Carolina Missions Offering (NCMO) provide outstanding dental care which, in turn, opens the door for disciple-making relationships to happen. Dental units operated by Baptists on Mission provide dental care for people who can’t afford a visit to the dentist.

“This is not just about the dental bus,” says Julie Dolinger, mobile dental coordinator for Baptists on Mission. “This is about loving people and serving people and building relationships with people.”

As medical costs continue to skyrocket and rural areas continue to run into health care provider shortages, more and more North Carolinians are left with limited means for treating their medical and dental issues.

Recent reports show 20 North Carolina counties have relatively few primary care doctors — three have none.

“This is not just about the dental bus. This is about loving people and serving people and building relationships with people.” — Julie Dolinger

A fleet of mobile medical, dental and health screening units offer free health services to underserved patients. The fleet is staffed by volunteer medical and dental professionals. All patients who receive treatment also hear the good news of Jesus Christ from pastors and volunteers.

“This bus may be the cleanest and best medical environment these people have in many of these communities,” said Crystal Horton, health screening coordinator for Baptists on Mission, of the care provided.

In 2019, the dental bus traveled more than 17,000 miles across the state treating more than 2,600 patients, while the health screening ministry visited 16 counties and treated nearly 300 patients. And while each patient left with their physical needs met, 16 of them left professing faith in Christ for the first time.