On April 7, N.C. Baptist churches from across the state will join together to “Fill the Tank,” celebrating baptisms and new life in Christ. Here’s how your church can start preparing now for this special Baptism Sunday.

Every Easter, churches across the country usually experience an uptick in church attendance. For some visitors, the yearly Easter service may be the only time they ever step foot into church.

Easter not only provides believers a moment to celebrate Christ’s death and resurrection — it also provides us an opportunity to proclaim the good news of the gospel to the lost. That’s why on April 7, the Sunday following Easter, N.C. Baptists will join together to celebrate “Fill the Tank” Sunday.

The statewide “Fill the Tank” baptism emphasis is a yearly initiative that encourages churches to preach the gospel and baptize new believers following Easter Sunday. It’s a time when we celebrate baptism, faith in Christ and obedience to His Word by encouraging believers to take the necessary step of being baptized. 

Over the past several years, God has used this season to bring countless numbers of people to faith in Christ and obedience to Him.

“Last year, over 250 churches reported nearly 1,600 baptisms as believers across the state were baptized in sanctuaries, swimming pools, the ocean and at least one in the back of a pickup truck.”

We’re encouraging every church in North Carolina to commit to “Fill the Tank” and begin preparing for Baptism Sunday, trusting that God will move. 

Once your church has signed up at fillthetanknc.com, consider using the following steps to prepare for this special initiative.

1. Begin praying now.

Prayer is our first and primary strategy. Once your church has committed to “Fill the Tank,” begin to pray that God would bring souls to salvation and that many would begin to profess faith in Christ throughout the Easter season. Pray with confidence that God will draw souls to Him as you start the process of preparing for Baptism Sunday. 

In 2022, Pastor David Cooper of South Fork Baptist Church in Todd, N.C., signed his church up for Fill the Tank Sunday. That evening, during a marriage counseling session with a recently-engaged couple, Cooper saw the couple both make professions of faith in Christ. 

“That morning, I had made that prayer — and before I went to bed that night God had already answered it,” Cooper said after signing up for last year’s “Fill the Tank.”

Within two weeks, his church saw five individuals commit to baptism. His story is a testimony of the power of prayer as we look forward to God’s mighty work through “Fill the Tank.”

2. Find your “one.”

“Fill the Tank” serves as a powerful reminder of our need to evangelize and proclaim the gospel to the lost. Consider choosing your “one” and begin sharing the good news so that you can see your one make a decision for Christ. What a blessing it would be to see your one baptized on Fill the Tank Sunday!

N.C. Baptists have compiled a list of resources to help you grow in evangelism and disciple-making. Visit fillthetanknc.com to assist you as you share the gospel with the lost. 

3. Begin teaching on baptism.

Baptism is the outward sign of an inward change. When believers are baptized, they are professing the grace God has given them through faith.

“Fill the Tank” provides pastors, teachers and other church leaders a special opportunity to teach others the significance of baptism and the reasons we complete this act of obedience. Maybe your church has members who have professed faith in Christ but have never been baptized. Consider using this season to challenge and encourage your church members to follow through with baptism.

When David Herman, pastor of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church in Creedmoor, N.C., began to preach about baptism before Fill the Tank Sunday in September 2021, he got a response from his congregation that led to 12 baptisms — including his own father-in-law. Read more about their story here.

4. Fill the Tank.

As you wrap up this season of prayer and preparation for Easter and Baptism Sunday, take one more step with faith and confidence — fill the tank.

Whether your church chooses to hold Fill the Tank Sunday on April 7 or some other date, consider different ways you can encourage your church to respond to salvation through baptism.

Pick a day on the calendar to “Fill the Tank” and trust that God will move as you work on mission.

“I’m always challenging the people to be expectant about what God can do,” Cooper said during last year’s Fill the Tank initiative. “We should expect Him to do great things.”

To learn more and to commit your church to “Fill the Tank,” visit fillthetanknc.com.