In a threat to the religious freedom of your church, do you have trusted counsel to call?

Do your church bylaws, policies and other governing documents provide the strongest possible legal protection for your church? Churches should not have to bear religious freedom burdens alone. North Carolina Baptists have partnered with Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) Church Alliance to provide whatever help you might need. 

The ADF partnership will allow N.C. Baptist churches to receive access to a variety of legal resources and services at an annual discounted rate. For most N.C. Baptist churches, the cost would be less than $500 per year.

A representative from ADF announced the partnership and shared details with members of the N.C. Baptist board of directors during its meeting on Tuesday, May 24, at Fort Caswell Coastal Retreat and Conference Center.

ADF is a faith-based, nonprofit organization that focuses on legal advocacy in areas that include religious freedom, free speech, marriage and family, parental rights and the sanctity of human life. Through its church alliance program, churches have access to resources, legal protection, reviews of governing documents and pro bono representation, if necessary. 

Churches today continue to face threats to religious freedom. Many of these threats stem from government legislation that can limit churches’ rights to freely minister and operate according to biblical beliefs. 

  1. Churches are being compelled to provide coverage for abortion and “sex-reassignment” procedures in employee insurance plans.
  2. Federal bills like the “Equality Act” potentially threaten churches’ ability to hire only employees who adhere to biblical principles.
  3. In states like Virginia, churches are even being threatened with fines up to $100,000 for simply expressing their biblical beliefs about marriage on their own websites.

These examples only scratch the surface of experiences churches might encounter. An ADF Church Alliance membership provides legal help through direct access to attorneys, resources and more, so leaders and pastors can freely preach the gospel and operate your church in accordance with Christian principles. 

Apply today to receive a 20% discount on membership (use promo code NCBAPTIST20). Visit the ADF Church Alliance website to learn more. Or contact Harrison Smith, a regional director at ADF Church Alliance, for more information. Call 404-937-6402 or email [email protected].

by NC Baptist Communications