When you give to the North Carolina Missions Offering, you are helping church plants like Shine Community Church reach the lost in thriving communities around the state.

Shine Community Church (SCC) is a new church plant serving one of the fastest growing areas in the state, Archer Lodge. It’s a rural area located about 25 minutes east of Raleigh that has experienced explosive growth as the Triangle expands. It’s considered one of the top 100 Pockets of Lostness in the state. 

Hephzibah Baptist Church in Wendell saw the rapid growth occurring in their area, and members felt God calling them to plant a church. Not long after, Hephzibah sent its youth pastor, Jason Bulet, to plant SCC. 

One of the focal points of Shine’s ministry is discipleship. Brulet, SCC’s lead pastor, said the church has been working on developing leaders, not just volunteers. As a mobile church plant, SCC requires volunteers to set up and tear down equipment each week. 

“(One of the important things was) raising up leaders and really developing and pouring into them, and not just workers that were … trying to get tasks done week in and week out,” Brulet said. 

While they are a mobile campus, SCC’s meeting space is an answer to prayer. SCC had been looking for places to house their growing congregation amidst a very difficult real estate market. Finally, Brulet came across a venue called The Farm at 42, a well-known wedding and event venue in the area. 

Discipling members while getting the many different tasks done that a new church plant requires is a tension that many church plants carry. “Spinning all of the plates is kind of like flying an airplane and putting it together at the same time,” said Brulet. 

“N.C. Baptist has been instrumental, even before we launched our church, by providing training and resourcing,” said Brulet. “Words cannot express the amount of appreciation for the investment that the North Carolina Missions Offering has made, not just to me personally, but to Shine Community Church. Our community is better for it. Our church is better for it. And I believe the eternal kingdom is better for your investment.”

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by NC Baptist Communications