For more than 40 years, Baptists on Mission (BOM) has engaged in disaster relief at home in North Carolina, across the United States and around the world.

God has equipped and enabled N.C. Baptists to respond at a moment’s notice with trained volunteers who serve in a variety of ways, including chaplaincy, recovery, food preparation, childcare, providing showers, laundry services and more. 

“Hurricane Ida came through (our state) and did lots of damage, (including) heavy winds and rain and flooding,” said Dwayne Alligood, a site coordinator for Baptists on Mission. 

Baptists on Mission is still responding to Hurricane Ida, which affected several states in 2021, by providing recovery and renovation work, chaplain care, medical aid and about 12,000 meals a day to those in need. 

“We get to respond and show God’s love to others that are hurting, and we’re trying to help them through this difficult situation,” said Alligood.

No matter where a crisis occurs, Baptists on Mission are ready to respond. When tornadoes destroyed parts of Bowling Green, Ky., last year, teams were there. Here in North Carolina, BOM ministered to homeowners in Rockingham County when tornadoes touched down there. Volunteers also responded to flooding in Haywood County last fall, working on more than 250 homes through mud-outs, tear-outs and rebuilding projects. 

The ongoing work in Haywood County is now entering a new phase. Through partnerships with several local organizations, Baptists on Mission has committed to building at least five new homes. More volunteers will be needed to reach that goal. 

When you give to the North Carolina Missions Offering, you are funding disaster relief efforts around our state and around the world. Thank you for helping N.C. Baptists offer relief for today and hope for tomorrow.

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by N.C. Baptist Communications