10 years after its release, Kenny Lamm’s article “9 reasons people aren’t singing in worship” continues to resonate with many today. Tune in to hear more about the reasons behind this article and why so many churches still struggle to encourage their members to participate in worship.

In this episode of the N.C. Baptist Podcast, Church Health & Revitalization Strategist Terry Long sits down with Kenny Lamm, worship ministries strategist for N.C. Baptists, as the two discuss why churches aren’t singing in worship. Listen in as they explain reasons for stagnated worship and what churches can begin to do to facilitate vibrant worship within their congregations. 

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Podcast Highlights:

  • “We serve our congregations and we guide them in a journey of worship and do everything that we can do to help them to be fully participative. This, I believe, is the correct answer if we truly want worship that transforms lives.” (8:08)
  • “Once worship leaders embrace the vision of enabling the congregation to be participants in this journey of corporate worship, I believe we can truly create this culture of active participation in worship that will lead to transformed lives.” (21:23)