As a pastor, it’s easy to lose your joy and effectiveness in ministry. Pastoral wellness is vital when it comes to a church’s health. 

In this episode of the N.C. Baptists’ Podcast, Sandy Marks — church revitalization and pastoral ministry strategist for N.C. Baptists — offers necessities to maintaining or recapturing joy and effectiveness as we live out our calling. Here is a sneak peak: This lifelong journey begins with becoming a spiritually and emotionally healthy disciple. For more episodes, visit You can also find us on Apple Podcasts.

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Podcast Highlights:

  • “As difficult as it is to provide leadership within the context of a local congregation, as emotionally draining and physically draining as it is, it’s an honor that Christ has called us to serve in that capacity.” (4:47)
  • “It’s easy as a pastor to have all of your time consumed where you no longer have time for personal worship, and just sit in awe of who Christ is.” (11:46)
  • “If we’re not careful, we can sort of not recognize that God has gifted us…. He’s gifted you, and called you, and placed you specifically where He desires you to be.” (16:08)
  • “You need to make for certain that you also are putting time where you replenish yourself. You replenish yourself. You put on your calendar where you are taking opportunities just to step away and just allow yourself to have a day of your week that you are taking that sabbath.” (30:00)

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by N.C. Baptist Communications