Test scores, favorite teams, social life and location often determine a student’s plans after graduation — but is there a better way to discern if, when and where you should go to college?

On this week’s podcast, listen to a breakout session recording from the 2022 N.C. Baptist Annual Meeting, led by Scott Pace with The College at Southeastern and David Horton with Fruitland Baptist Bible College. Learn how families should think about college education, how to choose the right school for them, and how their faith can be strengthened and leveraged while they’re in college.

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Podcast Highlights

  • “We need Christians who are out there in the business world who believe they’ve been called by God to be a Christian business person.” (8:54)
  • “We’re looking for students who want to give their lives for the cause of Christ. Whether that’s in the church, among the nations or in every aspect of society.” (12:37)

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