When David Herman, pastor of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church in Creedmoor, signed up with hundreds of other churches for “Fill the Tank” Sunday in September 2021, he had no idea he would end up baptizing 12 individuals — including his own father-in-law.

On this episode of the N.C. Baptists’ Podcast, Herman sat down with Todd Unzicker, executive director-treasurer for N.C. Baptists, to share his testimony of God’s work through “Fill the Tank” and explore the reasons Pleasant Grove signed up again for the upcoming “Fill the Tank” Sunday.

This year, “Fill the Tank” Sunday will take place on April 16, the weekend after Easter. Churches can learn more and sign up at fillthetanknc.org.

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Podcast Highlights

  • “People are more likely to attend church on Easter Sunday than any other Sunday. It’s also a time where pastors see a lot of people profess new faith in Christ. And so, this Easter … we’re encouraging pastors to call for people to trust and follow Christ, and then baptize those new believers — however they do it — baptize those believers the following Sunday.” (2:38)
  • “We replicate what we celebrate. In this sense, we were preparing or wanting to celebrate. Therefore, we were anticipating what God might do then.” (7:03)
  • “It’s been a really exciting season for us at Pleasant Grove, and really in the days since Fill the Tank eighteen months ago. In that time we have just seen the Lord continue to bless and move in a mighty way. We’ve seen over thirty people baptized since that day. It’s just a work of God.” (13:53)

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