What does it look like when God calls women to lead in ministry? In this panel discussion, hear from N.C. Baptist women as they share their experiences and advice to those pursuing a calling from God to lead, serve and love within their churches and communities.

In this episode of the N.C. Baptist podcast, listen in with Ashley Reffit as five N.C. Baptist women leaders — Missie Branch, Donna Navey, Janetta Oni, Amy Whitfield and Meredith Snoddy — sit down to discuss the role of women within the life of the church. Listen now as they share advice to women who aspire to ministry, share recommendations to those who feel voiceless, and more.

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Podcast Highlights:

  • “If I’m not out on mission, then how can I ask someone else to be?”
  • “(We need to have) just a firm trust that God is sovereign over all things. And when I don’t feel heard … just to be able to acknowledge the fact that He is King of kings and Lord of lords, and I can be OK in this moment and trust Him with that. And sometimes in my silence I’m heard the most, and in my patience I’m modeling the most.”
  • “The work doesn’t start when you get a title. The work has begun. God has already been doing the work, so knowing that this is a long, lifelong thing. Waiting looks different when you’re waiting on the Lord.”
  • Visit ncbaptist.org/women for more information and resources for women’s ministry.
  • For women’s discipleship resources in honor of Women’s History Month, click here.
  • Mark your calendar for the October 25-26 N.C. Baptist Women’s Conference. Registration opens soon at ncbaptist.org/worthy.