Through prayer, coaching and resourcing, RevitalizeNC partners with local churches in their pursuit to make disciples.

Through prayer, coaching and resourcing, RevitalizeNC partners with local churches in their pursuit to make disciples.

Studies show that the majority of churches are either plateaued or declining. One of the first steps a church can take toward revitalization is to complete the revitalization assessment. After you complete the survey, your church will receive a personalized assessment via email as well as follow-up from our team. 

All churches will fall into four categories: incline to recline, slow decline, significant decline and approaching death.

Churches that fall under incline to recline are faithfully serving and are on mission to see the gospel advance in North Carolina and beyond. Those churches should continue clarifying the focus of their vision and take innovative actions toward it.

If your church is in slow decline, it can implement modifications to further develop leadership and foster a missionally-minded, outward focus. When churches in this category step out of their comfort zone in faith, they can open more doors to reach the lost.

A church in significant decline requires multiple remedies to address deficiencies. These churches may consider a church foster or replant path to move toward missional health. 

Unfortunately, many churches can be approaching death and are in need of significant resources – but nothing is impossible with God. A church in this category may consider adoption, marriage or a replant to seek outside resources for cultural change.

The goal of revitalization is to see God glorified as churches return to their mission of impacting lostness by making disciples. Mission health reflects God’s heart. 

In Haggai 1:5, the Lord commands His people to consider their ways and return to His mission. In the same way, God’s people today must take stock of their ministries and their mission and return to the Lord’s purpose of becoming a healthy church.

These are some characteristics that commonly mark healthy, disciple-making churches: 

  • A strong sending culture 
  • Leaders who equip and empower
  • Authentic community
  • Members express passionate worship
  • Disciple-making disciples are being made
  • Biblical doctrine and execution are apparent

Consider taking a few minutes to fill out the assessment with your church leaders. We are here to help every church take the next step in their path toward being on mission together to make disciples. 

by N.C. Baptist Communications