“What if?” can be a powerful question to ask ourselves as children’s ministry teachers and leaders on the cusp of 2021.

What if we reimagined ministry in light of a fresh or refreshed vision for the future of our children’s ministry? What if we took a hard look at our current ministries and assessed their effectiveness in making disciples? What if we innovated fresh ways to partner with parents as they assume the role of primary disciple-maker in their homes?

What if we wanted to reimagine ministry? Where would we start?

The upcoming “TELL 2021” virtual conference on Saturday, March 20 will focus on reimagining children’s ministry and will present a fresh perspective on ministry.

Keynote speaker Debbie Stewart, children’s minister at Lake Hills Church in Candler, N.C., will focus on the excitement of reimagining ministry, and participants will have a number of breakout session options, followed by real-time discussions with breakout presenters. Door prizes will be offered throughout the morning for those in attendance online.

The event will focus on reimagining ministry for the long term. Topics covered will include reconsidering our approach to outreach and the welcome we offer guests to our churches. What if safety and security were heightened in a way that our ministries were more attractive to new families seeking a church home?

Instead of considering how to “restart” ministry, let’s accept the challenge to reimagine with the mindset to start over.

Plan to have your volunteers and leaders join together for this training to initiate conversations about the future and ways your children’s ministry can have a greater impact on this generation and those generations to come.

Consider having a virtual pajama party with your ministry leaders and teachers from their homes or host a breakfast and breakout party. Send specific breakouts their way for free-range training. Think outside your children’s ministry box and offer breakouts on safety and security to your security team.

The cost is only $10 per person. The breakouts will be available after the event for those who are unable to attend online.

Over and over we hear people bemoan the loss of “normal” and express a wistful longing for its return. Truth be told, normal as defined in the past no longer exists (and may not exist in the future).

Instead of considering how to “restart” ministry, let’s accept the challenge to reimagine with the mindset to start over. What if we started with a blank slate? That task may seem daunting but can also be exciting and liberating.