Every few months, we spotlight five helpful resources for you as you seek to walk closely with the Lord and make disciples. Many of these resources are created by N.C. Baptist staff to help meet the ministry needs of leaders across the state.

This month’s roundup focuses on addressing issues of sexual abuse. Following the recent release of the Southern Baptist Convention Sexual Abuse Task Force report, we want to help you care well for survivors, prevent abuse and protect the vulnerable.

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Responding Well: A Guide to Help Survivors of Sexual Abuse
Designed for women’s ministry leaders, this resource seeks to equip your ministry to help survivors of sexual abuse. Topics include how to determine the classification of the information that is shared with you; how to report the information; how to listen and provide counsel; how to train the leaders within your women’s ministry; and how to refer to a counselor.

Safety & Security NC
N.C. Baptists must be trained to recognize and respond to abuse before it occurs in the church. Policies, procedures, guidelines and practices to safeguard the innocent are just the beginning. This page pulls together helpful tools, training and resources for churches to grow in their preparedness and response to abuse.

Article: 5 ways to guard against child abuse in your church
We may tend to think sexual abuse cannot happen in our church, but it is that very mentality that makes it possible. How do abusers manage to have access to children and teens in our churches?

How we’re responding: N.C. Baptists conduct review of sexual abuse policies, procedures
Last November, N.C. Baptist President Micheal Pardue introduced a motion to the board of directors’ executive committee that directed Executive Director-Treasurer Todd Unzicker to conduct a comprehensive review of all internal policies, procedures and external materials related to preventing sex abuse and caring for survivors.

Caring Well
Caring Well materials provide churches with a clear pathway to enhance their efforts to prevent abuse and care for abuse survivors. Find more downloadable resources for creating a safety team at your church, hiring steps to keep your church safe and more.

by NC Baptist Communications