How can I give to N.C. Baptists?

Give online by visiting

Print and complete the remittance form and make checks payable to Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. All gifts without a designation will be directed to the greatest need.

Mail to: 
Baptist State Convention of North Carolina
PO Box 1107
Cary, NC 27512-1107

Can I send a physical check?

Yes. Print and complete the giving form available here, and mail it with your physical check to: Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, PO Box 1107, Cary, NC 27512-1107

How do I set up a recurring gift?

Use the online giving form to set up a recurring gift of any amount on a schedule of your choice. Under “How often will you donate?” select your frequency and start date. After your initial contribution you will receive a prompt to create an account. From your account you can manage the date for recurring gifts.

How do I give 2% of my gift to Mission Dignity or Campbell and Gardner Webb divinity schools?

Use the online form to select this option or print and complete the giving form available here and mail a check with this option designated.

Can I give toward special missions gift designations other than what is on the online form?

Yes. You can print and complete the giving form available here.

If using the online form, choose “other” from the drop down designations. Then, you will need to specify the total amount followed by detailing which special designations you wish to make and amount for each. List that out in the form field called “other gifts” below the drop down designations. See screenshot example below:

Contact a member of the accounting team by calling (919) 459-5588 or (800) 395-5102 if you cannot find the designation you wish to make.

Can I make exclusions or negative designations?

Yes. Use the online giving form to list what you would like to negatively designate. As another option, you may print and complete the giving form available here to indicate those designations.

A church may exclude or negatively designate up to 3 items, but there are limitations based on our financial policies:

  1. You may only exclude items that are in the N.C. Baptist budget. That means you may exclude any institution or agency in our budget (Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), Biblical Recorder, N.C. Baptist Foundation, N.C. Baptist Children’s Homes, etc.) but not a specific item in their budget.

    So, you cannot exclude a part of the SBC budget or N.C. Baptist Children’s Homes budget (i.e. you cannot exclude NAMB, IMB, ERLC, a Seminary, a particular residential home of the BCH, the salaries of Foundation employees, etc.). N.C. Baptists do not approve their budgets – you can decide to exclude the entire entity but not “parts” of the entity.

    If, for example, you write NAMB on the exclusions line, we will only convey to the SBC Executive Committee that a church indicated its desire to exclude NAMB from $XXX.XX dollars in Cooperative Program support, but it will be up to the SBC Executive Committee on how that is handled, and the gift from the church will be considered Cooperative Program giving without exclusions.
  2. You may exclude convention ministry items at the “team” or “group” level only. Therefore, you could exclude “Church Planting” but not “Church Planting Staff Salaries.” You could exclude “Mission Catalysts” but not “Region 4 Mission Catalyst.” Or you could exclude “Operations Group” but not “Utilities.”
  3. Churches may exclude the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina as a whole, which means the entire gift will go to the Southern Baptist Convention. BUT, those gifts do NOT qualify as Cooperative Program gifts – they will simply be considered designated gifts to the SBC.

How do I log in to my giving account and manage my online giving?

The N.C. Baptist self-service portal enables you to manage your online giving. You may view giving history, update payment methods and manage recurring gifts.

To get started: You must make an initial contribution in order to receive a prompt to set up your account.

  1. Visit the iDonate portal here.
  2. Enter the email address you use for online giving and click “Get Code.”
  3. Check your email for a one-time access code and enter it on the web page. You will then be taken to your dashboard.

In the future, you can continue to use the “Get Code” option to log in. Or, you can create a password by following these steps:

  1. Once in your portal account, click on your name in the top right corner and select “Update Profile” from the drop-down menu.
  2. Verify your contact information and select create a new password.

For your convenience, portal logins are also located on the bottom right of the online giving page.

Can someone help walk me through how to use online giving?

Yes. Watch this tutorial, or call our office at (919) 459-5588 or (800) 395-5102 for help.

How secure is N.C. Baptist online giving?

N.C. Baptist online giving utilizes industry standards and best practice encryption. Information for recurring gifts is processed through a third party, which is accountable to the same security regulations as the banking industry. Learn more at