Bible Drill helps students in grades 4-12 increase their knowledge, memorization and application of Scripture.


Please notify your association of your intent to participate. If you participated the previous year and do not have any information updates, you do not need to register again. Additional details are outlined below, including information about approved Bibles, scholarships and events.

Dates for 2023:
March 27, 2023-Registration Deadline

Color Cycle

In 2023, Bible Drill will be using Green Cycle.


April 15, 2023-Lilesville Baptist Church, Lilesville
April 22, 2023-Flint Hill Baptist Church, Shelby
April 22, 2023-Elizabeth Missionary Baptist Church, Roseboro

State Finals:
May 6, 2023-Burkemont Baptist Church, Morganton

National Invitational Tournament:
June 15-16, 2023-Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas


Translations used for 2023 are the King James Version (KJV), Christian Standard Bible (CSB) and the English Standard Version (ESV). Each church must use approved Bibles. The Bible version choice must be made before training begins.


In order for a student to proceed to the final state drills and qualify for scholarship and state title, the student must be from a participating N.C. Baptist church. A student may win the scholarship only once, even if they are the finalist winner in another division of the YBD/HSBD/or YST in a later year.