The Military Chaplaincy ministry partners with churches and associations to reach and minster to active service men and women, veterans, their families and others.

North Carolina boasts one of the largest military populations in the world. We work with churches and associations to identify, train and mentor leaders who are called to minister to active military and veterans in their community. We offer consulting services and activities to get local leaders engaged in military chaplaincy ministry and mentoring opportunities.

Adopt an Armory

“Adopt an Armory” is a program designed to minister to local National Guard and reserve units across the state. These organizations have access to chaplains, but many of these military pastors are stretched too thin to provide adequate coverage. We pair assigned chaplains with pastors and laypeople who are willing to share the load. These individuals lead worship services on drill weekends and provide pastoral care to soldiers and their families. They also help facilitate mobilization services and other supportive events.