Pastoral ministry is a rewarding, yet challenging, calling. At times, it can feel like a lonely endeavor.

Many don’t understand the weight of leading a local church and shepherding the congregation. The stress can negatively impact a pastor’s physical, mental and emotional health, which could lead to more serious and irreversible long-term consequences. If you are a pastor in need of assistance, the Baptist state convention is here to help with the following resources. 

Pulpit Supply

Need a Sunday off, but don’t have access to someone to step in quickly to preach? We have a group of pastors who are willing to come preach for you. Complete the form below to let us know when you need help.


Sabbaticals offer pastors an extended time to rest, refocus and recharge so they can return refreshed and renewed for ministry. Sabbaticals may be a new concept for some, but if you are interested in learning more, complete the form below.

Retreat Centers

There are a number of retreat and conference centers across the state and beyond where pastors can experience times of rest and relaxation. Some offer discounted rates for pastors. A list of getaway options are available here.

Burnout Quiz

Are you experiencing signs of burnout? Learn more in this article and take the accompanying burnout quiz.