God’s Great Work Prayer Guide


James 4:1-17 provides the biblical backdrop for each of the devotional sections. Each section focuses on various principles related to God’s invitation to experience Him through revival and spiritual awakening. Let’s unite by using the daily devotionals and prayer points available in this resource. For daily prayer prompts to your phone during October text Pray30Days to 313131.



Study Questions

  • What is the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20)?
  • What is the Great Commandment (Mark 12:28–34)?

Video 1

Hindrances to the Vital Spiritual Life in Christ

Study Questions

  • How does James 4:1-4 identify hindrances to a spiritual life?
  • What areas of your life do you see hindrances to your spiritual walk?

Video 2

God’s Spirit and His Pursuit of People

Study Questions

  • How does James 4:5-6 show God’s Spirit pursuing His people?
  • Do you see areas where God has pursued you?
  • What are some areas you need to humble yourself, repent and return to the Lord?

Video 3

God’s Way to Revival and Spiritual Awakening

Study Questions

  • How does God show the believers in James 4:7-17 to return to Him?
  • Can you see areas in this passage that can be applied to your life?


Conclusion of Pray for 30 Days

Study Questions

  • Over the course of this devotional how have you seen God work in the lives of believers in James 4?
  • How will you apply these truths to your spiritual life?

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