Pregnancy resource centers are on the front lines protecting the vulnerable and caring for all stages of life. Consider these seven ways you can serve your local pregnancy resource center and join them in their work.

Across North Carolina and around the nation, pregnancy resource centers are working on the front lines to advocate for the preborn, support mothers and families, and care for all stages of life. 

Pregnancy resource centers are also key locations where you and your church can get involved and serve your local community. Throughout the country, these centers are changing lives by providing ultrasounds, pregnancy testing, parenting and life skills classes, and other essential materials to support families caring for their new children. Partnering with these resource centers not only provides a way to support the cause for life, but it also allows you to make an impact in your community in direct, tangible ways.

The best way to start serving is to reach out to the resource center in your community and begin listening to their needs. In the meantime, consider these seven ideas for you and your church as you look to serve your local pregnancy resource center.

1. Start a prayer ministry team.

Prayer is never our last resort — it’s our primary strategy to protect the vulnerable and reach the lost. Consider starting a prayer ministry team in your church that meets regularly with pregnancy resource center volunteers and staff. Having a team that takes prayer requests back to the church is a great way for every member to get involved. 

2. Serve during business hours.

Volunteers are vital to helping pregnancy resource centers run effectively. At many resource centers, volunteers are needed to help greet clients, make copies of documents, stock resource rooms, and even teach courses and serve clients as lay counselors. Reach out to your local pregnancy resource center to see how you can best serve during their week.

3. Help maintain the building and grounds.

Many resource centers need assistance with regular maintenance and upkeep. Offer to mow their lawn, water plants and rake leaves. If parts of their building need upkeep, gather a team to make repairs. Find ways to keep their property in excellent condition so that staff members and volunteers can continue their service.

4. Offer to clean on a regular basis.

In addition to maintenance, pregnancy resource centers often need teams of people that can clean their building regularly. Reach out to your pregnancy resource center to see if this is a need you can fill.

5. Gather supplies for clients and staff.

Many clients who come to a local pregnancy resource center are in desperate need of basic supplies. Diapers, wipes, infant formula, bottles and other baby gear make excellent donations to these centers, as well as canned food and clothing. Don’t forget to gather supplies for the office, as well — snacks, bottled water, office and cleaning supplies are all invaluable materials for the work.

6. Help sort through donations.

When donations arrive, resource centers often need teams of people who can help sort through donated items. Make some time in your schedule to visit the office and sort through donations, making sure staff members have what they need exactly when they need it.

7. Consider giving. 

One of the best ways you and your church can serve is through regular financial support. Contact your local pregnancy resource center to learn how you can give to support their efforts. In addition, you can give directly to support ultrasound placements across the state by visiting

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