Racism has its roots in demonic strongholds that aren’t easily bound. They are primarily spiritual. These beliefs have been subliminally thread into the fabric of our society and persons over the span of centuries. To assume that racism can be eradicated from our society by mere political ascendency, legislation or by modest enhancements to the great American experiment is to assume too much about the power held in the visible realm.

Christians in our nation are looking to wage heavenly war on racism and injustice. For that, I am grateful. Having a discipline of prayer and fasting against these strongholds in our nation is a good first step. It is also prudent to admit that it is hard to stay present in this battle when it is not always seen with our eyes, depending on our context. So, I think it’s safe to say that we will need habitual practices in our churches, families and individual lives to stay continually engaged in the battle. Not in a legalistic way, but in a focused and intentional manner.

Racism — and slavery along with it — is our nation’s original sin.

Set aside a time with your churches, family or yourself in each month to pray and fast against the stronghold of racism. Husbands and wives, your family may need to find a way to start the conversation before creating the rhythm. In the meantime, you can begin privately establishing the rhythm and inquire for God’s wisdom for your family until you can carefully cultivate understanding and prepare your family to go in that direction.

Finally, I would encourage you to note specific things to pray and fast about related to racism and injustice in America. It may seem strange to set aside a time in the month to pray and fast against these issues, but doing so while asking God to address specific injustices will provide more motivation. Racism — and slavery along with it — is our nation’s original sin. It is backed by demonic forces and cannot be easily overcome. Developing a regimented practice of prayer and fasting against these strongholds is the best first step in waging warfare against them. So, gear up (1 Peter 1:13). It’s time to go to war (2 Corinthians 10:4).

EDITOR’S NOTE: This content originally appeared as part of a free, downloadable bulletin insert produced by the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission for use by your church on Racial Reconciliation Sunday, which is Feb. 27.

by Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission