Many parents have made 2021 the year of discipleship for their family.

They have taken the challenge and implemented the “Family Discipleship Plan” in their homes. Moms and dads have made this a priority because they know they have been given the wonderful privilege of being the primary disciple-makers of their children.

Even during the busyness of life, some families have found a way to disciple their children when they sit at home, go down the road, lie down and get up. In other words, in the natural rhythm of each day.

However, there may be some families still struggling. They have yet to find the rhythm in getting discipleship in the home on track.

With these resources, 2021 can be the year of discipleship for many families when they are given an easy-to-use plan and encouragement along the way.

If so, here is a simple strategy church leaders can use to help families make 2021 the year of discipleship in their homes.

1-minute Family Devotions
This month, encourage and challenge families to set aside 10 minutes, two or three nights a week, to gather everyone together. They can use a new resource called the “1-minute Family Devotions.” Let them know they do not need to worry if they miss a night here and there. They can easily get back on track on another night. Also, help them not to expect perfection during their devotions. Share with them a simple guide to help keep things in perspective.

Faith Talk Family Devotions
When May rolls around, continue encouraging families in their newly established weekly rhythms. Each week, they can take their discipleship to a new level by using the “Faith Talk Family Devotions.” These devotions will spark great Bible-centered conversations that everyone will enjoy.

Acts 2:39 Missional Families’ devotional
Beginning in June, help the families in your church go deeper into God’s Word and, at the same time, become missionaries in their neighborhoods. With the “Acts 2:39 Missional Families” devotional, families will be able to have meaningful discussions about the Bible and discover new ways to minister to and pray for their neighbors. This six-week study will be a welcomed change of disciple-making in their homes.

Reading Your Bible with Confidence’ training
Beginning in July, take the summer to help families sharpen their skills in Bible reading. With the “Reading Your Bible with Confidence” bookmark, they will be able to become more proficient in observation, interpretation and application of any biblical text. Families can easily use the online classroom “Reading Your Bible with Confidence” to make Bible reading more intimate and life-giving. Download or purchase the “Reading Your Bible with Confidence” bookmark and, for the next 5 months, read and study short books like James, Jonah, Ruth, Colossians, Philippians or Lamentations.

Family Advent Devotions
Then, in December 2021, encourage families to use the “Family Advent Devotions” to celebrate the Savior’s birth during their family worship time.

With these resources, 2021 can be the year of discipleship for many families when they are given an easy-to-use plan and encouragement along the way.