The Baptist State Convention of North Carolina has earned recognition as a certified Best Christian Workplace by the Best Christian Workplaces Institute.

The Baptist State Convention of North Carolina has earned recognition as a certified Best Christian Workplace by the Best Christian Workplaces Institute (BCWI).

BCWI is an international workplace culture consulting ministry whose mission is to equip and inspire Christian leaders to build a flourishing workplace. The certification is based on a rating derived from staff members’ responses to a comprehensive employee engagement survey administered by BCWI.

“The engagement survey results reflect the culture and health of the organization through the unique lens of the staff,” said Tara VanderSande, senior engagement and talent consultant with BCWI. “Research tells us that highly engaged organizations retain fantastic teams, increase their member and guest satisfaction, and achieve effective ministry outcomes.

“We look forward to partnering with the leaders and staff at the Baptist state convention in the months ahead as you continue to build upon your healthy foundation to further the kingdom of Christ.”

N.C. Baptist staff members were given the opportunity to complete the survey over a two-week period in January. Survey responses were anonymous and allowed staff to rate the convention in areas related to teamwork, talent, communication, leadership, strategy and more. The state convention had a 96% participation rate for the survey.

Brian Upshaw, who leads many of the state convention’s staff development efforts in his role as associate executive director-treasurer, called the certification “significant” because it is based upon a self-assessment of the organization by the staff.

“Studies show that employees who affirm their workplace are more engaged, more effective and take ownership of the organization’s mission,” Upshaw said. “As we seek to serve N.C. Baptists to become a movement of churches on mission together, the survey indicates that our staff is on board with the mission and that our churches can be confident in our staff’s dedication to serve them wholeheartedly.”

Upshaw added that state convention leaders will use the survey results to identify ways to build upon a solid foundation.

“This rating is only the beginning,” Upshaw said. “We will use the findings to continue to seek ways to improve staff culture and staff engagement.”

Bradley Norris, the state convention’s human resources manager, echoed Upshaw’s sentiments.

“We believe one of the most valuable resources we have to serve North Carolina Baptists is our staff,” Norris said. “Our staff is critical to connecting our churches with relationships and resources that empower us all to be on mission together.

“Conducting a staff survey with BCWI has allowed us to assess our staff culture to both celebrate the health that exists and identify areas for development and growth. This is all part of a larger emphasis to develop the best staff to serve North Carolina Baptists.”

The Baptist State Convention of North Carolina was established in 1830 as a way for churches to accomplish more for God’s kingdom by working together. The convention’s purpose is “to assist the churches in their divinely appointed mission,” according to its articles of incorporation.