Featuring over 40 breakout sessions, the 2024 Disciple-Making Conference will encourage and equip North Carolina Baptists to be on mission to disciple the church, serve the hurting and reach the lost with the gospel. Get a preview of this year’s breakout sessions below.

On Feb. 27, N.C. Baptists will gather in Charlotte for the annual Disciple-Making Conference, a time to be “on mission together” to learn missional discipleship and ways to reach the nations for Christ.

This year’s conference features over 40 breakout sessions covering a wide range of topics, including next generation discipleship, women’s discipleship, cross-cultural ministry, ServeNC ministry preparation and more. Those who attend will be challenged and equipped to make disciples who are on mission to see people come to know Jesus as Lord.

An abbreviated preview of this year’s breakout sessions is below. For a full list of this year’s breakout sessions, visit disciplemakingconference.org.

Assimilation: Creating a Pathway for Discipleship  

An intentional assimilation plan is a powerful tool that will increase your church’s disciple-making effectiveness. If discipleship is the goal of the church, then an assimilation process is the path that leads your people there. 

Building a Multiplying Discipleship Culture 

In this breakout session, walk through the steps and key ingredients in building a culture of discipleship that grows both deep and wide.

Disciple Making and the Changing Culture of North Carolina 

Discover key shifts in the demographics and worldviews of North Carolina residents and how they impact the church’s mission.

Faith That Lasts From Teenagers to Adulthood 

Next-Gen ministries can often feel isolated and siloed from each other and the rest of the church. Hear how to provide a holistic, unified and connected plan for discipling adolescents into young adulthood. Join us on the journey to build a ministry that produces faith that lasts.

Making Disciples in a Normal Church 

Learn how to lead a simple, transferable, disciple-making strategy for church leaders that engages the Bible, builds relationships and provides the accountability necessary for spiritual growth and multiplication.

Promoting ServeNC in Your Church 

Join members of the N.C. Baptists’ Marketing and Communications group to learn how you can promote ServeNC in your church. This training will show you how to utilize ServeNC promotional graphic templates and get the most out of tools like social media.

Scorecard: Creating a Winning Scorecard in Your Children’s and Youth Ministries 

Who is discipling your children and teens? Churches should be able to say, “We are!” but may lack direction and vision for this important ministry. Join us as we explore practical ways you can equip and partner with parents as they endeavor to make lifelong disciples of Christ within their families.

Sharing Jesus With My Muslim Neighbor: Barriers and Bridges to Having Gospel Conversations 

Have you ever wanted to talk to your Muslim neighbors and friends about Jesus, but just don’t know where to begin? This breakout will equip you to develop the skills to share the gospel with Muslims in your community.

Technology and Teens: What Parents Need to Know 

Technology surrounds our lives; it’s in our pockets and homes. It affects our lives in drastic ways, and parents must be equipped to protect and teach their children about the dangers of toxic influences, cyberbullying and pornography. This breakout is designed for pastors to help equip parents to navigate walking alongside their children amid these struggles.

The Church Fostering Movement: How Churches of Every Size Can Get Involved 

God is moving across the nation in the hearts of healthy churches to help struggling churches get on mission again. Come hear how your church, regardless of size or location, can get involved. 

The Gospel and a Woman’s Identity 

As we look to God’s Word, we see the beauty of God’s design for women in the fulfillment of His “Creation Mandate” (Genesis 1:27-28) and filling the earth with His image bearers. Through the gospel of Christ, we will hear His call for women in the fulfillment of His “New Creation Mandate,” also known as “The Great Commission” (Matthew 28:18-20), through discipleship and making Christ’s image bearers.

Transforming Young Adults Through Groups 

Explore an effective young adult disciple-making strategy that prioritizes small-group ministry at its core. Learn how creating gospel-centered communities is the key to reaching and discipling young adults in their faith journey.

Women’s Discipleship: The Gospel Above All 

In this breakout we’ll discuss the importance of reaching women across the state, equipping them to study God’s Word as we send them out to serve Christ in their circles of influence on mission together. Discipleship is fueled by missions and leads to evangelism; the gospel above all.

Expositional Leadership 

Shepherding a congregation comes with many responsibilities. In addition to preparing weekly sermons, pastors manage church teams and minister to a variety of people with different needs. Attempting to tackle these roles separately can be exhausting and may eventually affect the health of the church. How should leaders integrate their roles to effectively shepherd their congregations?

Discipling Leaders in an Urban Context 

Discover what discipleship is, explore context-driven distinctions, and understand why apologetics is essential for discipleship in the urban context. 

Counseling Women: Context and Community 

As we engage with, serve and disciple women, we must be aware of their unique context and their roles in the community. Particularly in counseling, a woman’s family of origin, cultural context and stage of life influence her needs and struggles, often significantly so. By understanding a woman’s context and community properly, and seeking to understand her well, we can assist her with living out God’s calling for her life.

Disciple Making and the Changing Culture of North Carolina 

Discover key shifts in the demographics and worldviews of North Carolina residents and how they impact the church’s mission.

Disciple-Making Pipelines for Sending 

Discover the key questions that need to be answered to build or expand an effective disciple-making pathway to raise up leaders within your church, as well as raise up leaders who can be sent to fulfill God’s mission.

From the Campus to the World: How to Cultivate a Culture of Sending in Your College Ministry 

This breakout will focus on how to build the processes and culture of sending in a college ministry.

Helping Gen Z Reach Gen Z 

The students in your ministry are your best resource to reach the students of your community. This session will be centered around how we can equip, mobilize and disciple our students to reach the next generation with the gospel.

Pastors Need Good People Skills: Ministry Essentials 

In this breakout session, we will look at the biblical basis for discerning personalities in order to effectively minister to people. We will also look at how to handle difficult people and how to handle demanding people.

Planning and Implementing ServeNC 

Imagine every church serving every community in N.C. in Jesus’ name in August 2024. Learn how to plan and implement ServeNC to mobilize every member of your church. In a changing culture, we have the opportunity to move out of our seats and into the streets to be the light of Jesus.

Shepherding God’s Church in Revitalization 

Leading the local church through necessary change can be difficult. In this session, Pastor Capps will encourage you with biblical principles and practical steps to lead with wisdom and patience.

Stewardship Principles: Redemptive Investing 

Church interest in stewardship has largely focused only on spending wisely and giving. However, Scripture has much to say about investing and the use of capital by Christian organizations and individuals, whether the amount is large or small. Come hear a practical discussion of a theology of stewardship as it applies to investing for you, your church and Christian ministries.