Engaging communities with the gospel is one of the most pressing issues facing the church today. 

On this week’s episode of the N.C. Baptists’ podcast, listen to a breakout session recording from last year’s annual meeting as two North Carolina Baptist pastors share how their churches are engaging their communities for the sake of the gospel. Pastor Aaron Smith of Kenansville Baptist Church, Pastor Todd Brady of The River Community Church in Fayetteville and Great Commission Catalyst Barry Murry share helpful methods, tools and resources to meet the needs of hurting people while effectively sharing the love and message of Christ.

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Podcast Highlights:

  • “We need to work really hard to exegete our context, to understand our context and understand the needs around us in our community.” (13:58)
  • “If we want our community to show up at our churches, at our events, on Sunday morning — we want them to invest in our churches, then we need to invest in them.” (22:04)
  • “‘If you love people in your community, you will be the pastor of people that will never walk through the doors of your church.’” (23:20)
  • “My best advice for you is: Don’t think about doing ministry with your building first in mind. Know your community. Get a demographic report from the state convention.” (26:27)

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  • Connect with your regional Great Commission Catalyst to receive a demographic report of your community at ncbaptist.org/catalyst.

by N.C. Baptist Communications