SendNC hosted its first Hispanic assessment retreat earlier this week as leaders gathered for a time of worship, training and assessment for church planting ministry.

In partnership with the Send Network of the North American Mission Board, SendNC inaugurated its first Hispanic assessment retreat earlier this week as a way to evaluate and prepare potential church planters for their calling into ministry.

The retreat, which took place May 20-21 at Fuquay Varina Baptist Church, gathered Hispanic leaders discerning a calling into church planting for a time of worship, training and assessment. All of the potential church planters who attended the event had previously undergone several stages of initial assessment through the SendNC church planting pathway. 

 The two-day event gave Send Network and SendNC assessors — who jointly hosted the event — a final opportunity to evaluate the church planting candidates before giving their endorsement.

“We are excited to have the first church planting Assessment Retreat in Spanish in North Carolina,” said William Ortega, Hispanic church planting strategist for SendNC. “We thank all the assessors for their willingness to help in this first assessment retreat.”

Assessment retreats are a key way SendNC and Send Network determine the readiness of future church planters. After completing several assessment surveys measuring church planting capacity, personal character and marriage status, prospective church planters are invited to an Assessment Retreat for a final round of evaluation.

During the retreat, assessors walk with candidates — along with their spouses and representatives from their churches — through the following categories: calling, emotional and spiritual health, family dynamics, vision, leadership, communication, missional engagement, disciple-making and social skills. Evaluating the church planters based on these characteristics allows assessors to discern whether the church planter is ready to plant, needs development or should be redirected to a different path or ministry.

After assessors affirm that these candidates are “ready to plant,” candidates can then receive the benefits of becoming SendNC-endorsed church planters, which includes training, funding and additional resources and benefits.

“North Carolina is ripe for a Spanish church planting movement,” said Glorimar Quiñones Skipps, regional Spanish consultant for the Send Network. “As we continue to pray and trust in the Lord’s timing, it’s been amazing to see how he has been answering our prayers and raising up laborers for the harvest.”

The next Spanish assessment retreat in North Carolina is scheduled to take place later this fall. SendNC leaders expect to host three more assessment retreats in Spanish throughout 2025.

“We pray that God will send more Hispanic church planters to North Carolina, sent by local churches, to advance God’s Kingdom in the state,” Ortega said.

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