Every month, we spotlight five helpful resources for you as you seek to walk closely with the Lord and make disciples. Many of these resources are created by the staff of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina (BSCNC) to help meet the ministry needs of pastors and lay leaders across the state.

Check out this month’s roundup of resources which includes the 2021 N.C. Annual Meeting website, the “Pray for 30 Days” devotional, a “Church Revitalization Assessment” tool and the “Walking with God” study guide. Lastly, this month’s top five also includes a “How to Have a Quiet Time” resource.

In addition to the resources featured here, many more can be found at ncbaptist.org/resources. You may also follow @ncbaptist on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where we’ll share other helpful resources throughout the month.

2021 N.C. Annual Meeting website
This year’s N.C. Annual Meeting is Nov. 8-9 at the Koury Convention Center in Greensboro. There will be several other events happening in conjunction with the meeting, such as the N.C. Pastors’ Conference and the Fruitland Alumni Breakfast. You can find a list of events, the schedule, exhibitor information and more by visiting the annual meeting website.
Visit: ncannualmeeting.org | Follow: @ncbaptist

‘Pray for 30 Days’ devotional guide
Pray for 30 Days” is an annual prayer emphasis observed in October in preparation for the BSCNC’s Annual Meeting, but the “Pray for 30 Days” devotional guide can be used anytime throughout the year to experience God through revival and spiritual awakening. This year’s theme is “On Mission Together” and is taken from John 17:23 where Jesus prays for “oneness” for His followers as they are on mission.
Visit: prayfor30days.org | Follow: @ncbaptist

’Church Revitalization Assessment’ tool
Which of these words best describes your church — incline, recline or decline? If you aren’t sure, this resource contains a quick 10-question assessment to assist leaders in determining the health of their churches.
Visit: ncbaptist.org/church-revitalization | Follow: @ncbaptist

‘Walking with God’ study guide
The “Walking with God” study guide was designed to help you understand what it means to walk with the Lord daily. It can be used by pastors or lay leaders in an individual or small group study to help believers grow spiritually in an intimate relationship with God and raise up leaders in the local church.
Visit: ncbaptist.org | Follow: @ncbaptist

‘How to Have a Quiet Time’ resource
One of the best ways to develop your personal relationship with God is through a daily, habitual quiet time. As the seasons change, we may need to reschedule our quiet time. This resource offers biblical and practical guidance for cultivating regular times of Bible study, prayer, worship and reflection in your daily life.
Visit: praync.org | Follow: @ncbaptist