DMC Breakout Session Recordings

Please listen to the breakout sessions below.

A Revitalized Church Revitalizing Churches – Kevin Clubb

When your church experiences a turnaround that makes it effective in reaching out to its community, building others up in their faith and sharing the Good News about Jesus…what are you supposed to do? What if you took what God did in your church and became a catalyst for turnaround in other churches in your community? Here’s the story of Cape Carteret Baptist Church becoming that kind of church.

Assimilation: Creating A Pathway for Discipleship – Cory Smith

An intentional assimilation plan is a powerful tool that will increase your church’s disciple-making effectiveness. If discipleship is the goal of the church, then an assimilation process is the path that leads your people there. An assimilation plan allows you to walk newcomers to your church down a pathway of connection and spiritual growth that enables them to take the next step in their faith journey by connecting them with church leaders, small group Bible studies, areas of service, and so much more.

Connecting Mission, Generosity and the Work of God – Kurt Appel

The church must understand it not only exists to be sent by God into the world with the task of witnessing and proclaiming Jesus Christ, but it must also understand it is privileged to participate in this activity of God. With this opportunity for participation comes a dynamic and active commitment between God and the church as they partner together in mission and ministry. It is from this participation with God that followers of Christ gain ownership in the mission and are moved to be generous by providing resources to make a difference in a world that no longer sees itself as being influenced by the church.

Counseling Women: Context and Community – Kristin Kellen

As we engage with, serve, and disciple women, we must be aware of their unique context and their roles in the community. Particularly in counseling, a woman’s family of origin, cultural context, and stage of life influence her needs and struggles, often significantly so. By understanding a woman’s context and community properly, and seeking to understand her well, we can assist her with living out God’s calling for her life.

Disciple Making and the Changing Culture of North Carolina – Keelan Cook

Disciple-Making on the College Campus – Spencer Martin

The college campus is both a mission field and a mission force. We will discuss practical steps you can take to create a disciple-making culture among college students.

The Importance of Disciple-Making through Church Weekday Ministry – Kim Jones

Want to reach more young families in your community? God tells us to be diligent and teach the children about Him. Church Weekday (Preschool) is a part of foundational learning and we can partner with parents in being intentional in raising disciples for Jesus in a rapidly changing culture. Church Weekday Education Ministry is a way to disciple kids while creating opportunities to be able to disciple Mom and Dad too!

Discipleship in the Urbanite Context – Jerome Gay

Grace to Reach the Urbanite Context – William Branch

As the world seems to get more and more “urban” or urban influenced, God’s disciple-makers would benefit from considering the urbanite context, and gaining a mindset to reach them with gospel efforts. By “urbanite” we intend to highlight the broad cross-section of urban demographics that is not exclusive, but familiar with both “pop” and “hip hop cultural influences. Come hear about how ministry happens through such vessels shaped by that context is done to reach such contexts.

Engaging Your Congregation in Transformational Worship – Kenny Lamm

Our times of gathered worship are perhaps the greatest opportunity for discipleship in the church. What can we do to plan and prepare our worship services to engage in greatest life transformation?

Faith that Lasts from Teenagers to Adulthood – Daniel Rose and Alex Hugo

Next-Gen ministries can often feel isolated and siloed from each other and the rest of the church. Hear from Daniel Rose and Alex Hugo about strategies and opportunities for providing your church with a holistic, unified, and connected plan for discipling adolescents into young adulthood. Join us on the journey to build a ministry that produces faith that lasts.

Faithful and Wise Financial Stewardship – Scott Setzer

Church interest in stewardship has largely focused only on spending wisely and giving. However, Scripture has much to say about investing and the use of capital by Christian organizations and individuals, whether the amount is large or small. Come hear a practical discussion of a theology of stewardship as it applies to investing for you, your church and Christian ministries.

From the Campus to the World: How to cultivate a culture of sending in your college ministry – Brandon Newton

This breakout will be focused on how to build the processes and culture of sending in a college ministry.

GroundWork: A easy to use model for developing leaders in the local church – Eric Mullis and Barry Murry

This session will introduce GroundWork, a new model developed by NC Baptist pastors to identify and raise up leaders in your local church. The model is easy to implement and use. The GroundWork model comes a complete teacher guide for pastors, a student guide for members, as well as resources and equipping to help make the model effective in your local church.

How to Lead a Residency at Your Church – George Ross

Does your church have a pathway to discover, develop, and deploy disciples as everyday missionaries, church planting team members, and church planters? The truth is most churches either don’t have a well-defined pathway or have built pathways that unintentionally create cultures of dependency instead of deployment. This session will help participants leave with a framework for creating a residency plan, a church of any size and budget can implement.

Leading Evangelism and Discipleship in Your Association – Terry Stockman

The session will cover simple, along with workable, examples of current as well as tested methods of evangelism and the corresponding role discipleship plays in the overall process of reaching the world with the gospel.

Making Disciples in a Normal Church – Jack Blackburn

Provide a simple, transferable, disciple-making strategy for church leaders that engages the Bible, builds relationships, and provides the accountability necessary for spiritual growth and multiplication.

Meetings that Move The Needle: Leading Effective Staff Meetings for Vision and Execution – Adrian Early

Meetings can seem redundant and unnecessary, but they do not have to be that way. Find out how you can lead staff or lay teams to move the needle for the Great Commission and the mission of your church. This breakout will provide the resources necessary to strategically move your team toward the vision God has for your church.

Partnering with the Pastor Next Door – Ben McCroy and Nathaniel Williams

Ben McCroy and I will share about the partnership between Faith Baptist in Youngsville and Cedar Rock First Baptist Church in Castalia – with the hope of fostering increased partnership between churches for the sake of the Great Commission.

Planning and Implementing ServeNC – Paul Langston

Imagine every church serving every community in NC in Jesus’ name in August 2024. Learn how to plan and promote ServeNC to mobilize every member of your church. In a changing culture, we have the opportunity to move out of our seats and into the streets to be Jesus with skin on.

Preaching Towards Discipleship – Quintell Hill

Promoting ServeNC in Your Church – Kathryn Carson, Whitney Goulding, Daniel Spivey, Liz Tablazon

Join members of the N.C. Baptists’ Marketing and Communications group to learn how you can promote ServeNC in your church. This training will show you how to utilize ServeNC promotional graphic templates and get the most out of tools like social media.

Scorecard: Creating a Winning Scorecard in Your Children’s and Youth Ministries – Cheryl Markland, Merrie Johnson

Who is discipling your children and teens? Churches should be able to say, “We Are!” but may lack direction and vision for this important ministry. Join us as we explore practical ways you can equip and partner with parents as they endeavor to make lifelong disciples of Christ within their families.

Sharing Jesus with My Muslim Neighbor: Barriers and Bridges to Having Gospel Conversations – Casey and Amber Norkett

Have you ever wanted to talk to your Muslim neighbors and friends about Jesus, but just don’t know where to begin? This breakout will equip you to develop the skills to share the Gospel with Muslims in your community.

Start to Finish – Mark Dance

Technology and Teens: What Parents Need To Know – Alex Butner and Tom Guy

Technology surrounds our lives; it’s in our pockets and homes. It affects our lives in drastic ways, and parents must be equipped to protect and teach their children about the dangers of toxic influences, cyberbullying, and pornography. This breakout is designed for pastors to help equip parents to navigate walking alongside their children in the midst of these struggles.

The Church Fostering Movement: How Churches of Every Size Can Get Involved – Terry Long

God is moving across the nation in the hearts of healthy churches to help struggling churches get on mission again. Come hear how your church, regardless of size or cultural context can get involved. We are “On Mission Together!”

The Gospel and A Woman’s Identity – Annie Locke

As we look to God’s Word, we will see the beauty of God’s design for women in the fulfilling of His “Creation Mandate”(Gen. 1:27-28) and filling the earth with His image bearers; and through the Gospel of Christ, we will hear His call for women in the fulfilling of His “New Creation Mandate”/”The Great Commission”(Matt.28:18-20) through discipleship and making Christ’s image bearers.

Transforming Young Adults Through Groups – Sam Nelson

Explore an effective young adult disciple-making strategy that prioritizes small-group ministry at its core. Learn how creating Gospel-centered communities is the key to reaching and discipling young adults in their faith journey.

VBS: It’s More Than Blue Sno-Cones! – Beth Whitman

When children come to VBS for the Sno-Cone snack time, show them Jesus! During this breakout we will share key components about Vacation Bible School ministry opportunities & organizational strategies. Discover how practical planning & goal setting can broaden your VBS vision beyond the status quo to effective, lasting kingdom change in children, families & communities.

Women’s Discipleship: The Gospel Above All – Ashley Reffit

In this breakout we’ll discuss the importance of reaching women across the state, equipping them to study God’s Word, as we send them out to serve Christ in their circles of influence, On Mission Together. Discipleship is fueled by missions and leads to evangelism; the gospel above all.

Work As Worship – Gabe Magan

Christians spend around 20x as much time in the workplace than they do their local church. How can church leaders and ministry leaders equip congregants to see their workplace as another space where they can live out the Christian life?