Luke 10:29 serves as the biblical foundation for this 30-day devotional prayer guide on revival and spiritual awakening.


Prayer Guide

Who is My Neighbor?
The story of King Jehoshaphat’s early days as king of Judah and institution of reforms in 2 Chronicles 17:1-12 provides the biblical backdrop for each of the devotional sections. Each section focuses on one principle related to God’s invitation to experience Him through revival and spiritual awakening as they relate to believers having gospel impact with one’s neighbors.

Section 1

Loving my neighbor into the kingdom of God

Study Questions

  • Jehoshaphat “strengthened” himself as king of Judah. In your own words, what does this mean?
  • What are some tangible ways you can love and serve your neighbors?
  • Do fellow believers experience God’s agape love through your life? If not, what will you do?

Section 2

Seeking the Lord

Study Questions

  • Are you burdened for the lack of spiritual vitality in your neighborhoods around you? What are you going to do about it?
  • Is the Lord “with” you and your church?
  • What are some practical ways that you can spend time and fellowship with your neighbor?

Section 3

Sin and my neighbor

Study Questions

  • Why did Jehoshaphat give immediate attention to Baal worship?
  • Do you have a spirit of love for the lost people in your community?
  • Do you really believe your lost neighbors are going to hell? If so, what will you do about it?

Section 4

God’s Word and my neighbor

Study Questions

  • How can your church be an instrument for revival and spiritual awakening in your community?
  • Do your neighbors see and experience God’s Word when they encounter you? If not, what will you do?
  • Is God’s Word a weight or joy in your life?

Section 5

The fear of God and my neighbor

Study Questions

  • Do you believe that your community needs a revival and spiritual awakening?
  • How can you and your church lead a spiritual awakening in your community?
  • What happened after Jehoshaphat prayed, “but our eyes are on You?”

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