Do I sign up as an individual or my church?

Your church will sign up to commit to ServeNC. Your church has full freedom in deciding how and when to recruit and coordinate volunteers for your service project.

Who chooses the service project we participate in?

ServeNC is all about the local church serving its local community. Your leaders decide what to do, whether it’s something you’re already regularly involved in or a new opportunity.

If your church needs ideas, you can find a list at to get started. Baptists on Mission staff can also help with project discovery.

What if we can’t serve during the week of Aug. 3-10, 2024?

We would love to see as many N.C. Baptists serve the state during this week, but if you already have plans scheduled then, your church has flexibility to choose a week on your calendar to ServeNC! Please go ahead and sign up to participate anyway. All the resources are still free for you to use.

Do we need to commit to the whole week, or can we choose days?

It’s up to your church to decide on the details. You might choose to serve only on a Saturday, or you might have a few opportunities scattered throughout the week. Or you might have different groups serving each day. ServeNC can look different for each church.

Is there an age requirement to serve?

Encourage anyone in your church to participate – your kids, youth, Sunday School group – whoever is willing and able to serve! Families are also encouraged to serve together.

What if I can’t physically serve?

Prayer is our first and primary strategy. We encourage you to consider organizing a group that is intentionally praying for those serving during this emphasis.

As an alternative to physically serving, you can do something like deliver home baked goods to your local first responders. You may also be the person who takes care of logistics, like coordinating or assigning volunteers.

How can we get members involved?

Start telling your church about ServeNC today! There are plenty of resources on that are yours to download for free and share with your church. Use social media and your church communications to spread the word.

Is there a financial commitment to participate in ServeNC?

There’s no financial commitment to the state convention. Depending on what project your church chooses, you will likely have costs for tools, supplies and/or fuel.

Can I order more T-shirts?

Yes! Your church gets the first 3 for free, but you can order more online. The state convention does not make profit off of these shirts.