10 ways to serve your local community

Your church knows your community best. What unique challenges is your neighborhood facing? Where can your church step in and serve?

Here are some ideas to get you started as you plan to ServeNC. 

  1.  Offer free lawn mowing and landscaping services.
  2.  Collect school supplies for children in need.
  3.  Serve at your local pregnancy center.
  4.  Build wheelchair ramps for those with disabilities.
  5.  Deliver lunches to the homeless.
  6.  Deliver homemade baked goods to public service workers.
  7.  Host a free yard sale in your church’s neighborhood.
  8.  Check and install fire alarms in homes.
  9.  Host a community health fair. 
  10.  Serve at a local food bank. 

NC Baptists partner with ministries around the state. Your church can connect with them for more opportunities.

  • The Pregnancy Network
    The Pregnancy Network is a Christian, multi-denominational organization that serves women facing unplanned pregnancies. Churches can serve by providing refreshments and setting up for classes, hosting baby showers, assisting with office administration and cleaning, or assembling “blessing boxes” for expectant mothers.
  • Baptist Aging Ministries
    The North Carolina Baptist Aging Ministry helps adults ages 65+ maintain independence and enjoy quality of life. Churches can help build a ramp, serve on a care team, or encourage callers by providing a listening, compassionate ear through the Hope Line.
  • Baptist Children’s Homes
    BCH cares for children, adults and families across the state, and hosts several “Friends of Children” workdays at statewide locations. Churches can take on landscaping, flooring, painting, construction, pressure washing and other projects. BCH also holds an annual Food Roundup. Church groups can volunteer at pick up locations to pack and load items onto delivery vehicles.